WaterCress Downloads

WaterCress Downloads

Because of the rapidly increasing and changing demands of the water reuse industry, the WaterCress program is continually being upgraded and tested, and as such is subject to ongoing changes. The authors are interested to receive any feedback identifying possible variations of the model to meet the particular needs of your area..

Loading of future install downloads will update the program to the latest version without changing any projects you have developed. Simply run setup.exe. Every effort is made to ensure that future versions are compatible with past projects although it is envisaged that some revisions may affect the data files of projects developed under earlier versions. If you have already loaded watercress you can update the program simply by replacing the executables in the watercress program folder with those provided in the download. The main executables are watercress.exe, wcmain2h.exe and wcmain3h.exe

A full WaterCress manual is available for download below

watercress manual



Latest WaterCress full download

To ensure a complete upgrade, it is recommended that an existing watercress program be uninstalled before installing an upgrade.

If you have already loaded watercress you can quickly update the program by replacing the 3 main executables watercress.exe, wcmain2h.exe and wcmain3h.exe into the watercress program folder


WaterCress Manual