The WaterCress Model

WaterCress has been modelling the entire watercycle since its inception in 1995.

The program is used in the South Australian Government by the Department for Water to aid the development of water allocation plans throughout the State.

Water resources, flood modelling, roof rainwater, urban stormwater, rural runoff and sewage effluent are all incorporated in both drainage and water supply (re-use) cycles.

A range of farm dam options including control of diversion capacity allow planners to develop water allocation plans, farmers to model their own water supply capacity and home owners to plan their self sufficiency using rain water tanks.

WaterCress is easy to set up and operate.A full manual is available on line. Layouts can be rapidly modified.
WaterCress does not require a high powered computer to run.

Developments include an operational model capability allowing real time control of water transfer. Linking the model with hydrological databases provides the capacity to run real time resouce and flood assessment.

A new front end "WaterClerk" provides the user real time comparisons of recorded and modelled flow, and allows the user to model structure releases with an aim to optimise the resource interception.

All this and the model is free.

WaterCress (Water - Community Resource Evaluation and Simulation System)
is a PC based water balance model for designing and testing trial layouts of water systems which can access multiple sources of water, including those generally regarded as being less conventional.

The model is designed to meet the problems of exploring alternative systems layouts at the feasibility stages.
WaterCress is particularly useful in designing water systems for: